PREBENA-Bonuspoints collect and save !!! 

From now on we give you PREBENA-Bonuspoints for every order.


That´s how it works: 

1. You put your desired product into the shipping card.
2. You "go to cashbox" and register as an new customer.
3. In the order overview you will see how many bonuspoint you receive for your purchase.
4. After 14 days, the PREBENA-Bonuspoints will be credited to your customer account.
5. With your next purchase you can redeem the bonuspoints and save immediately.


Manage your private customer account.

Collect PREBENA-Bonuspoints for as long as you like.

 Redeem your bonuspoints individually and save money immediately.


Goods purchase value Bonuspoints Discount Amount
100,00 EUR 100 PBP 1,00 EUR
500,00 EUR 500 PBP 5,00 EUR
7.500,00 EUR 7.500 PBP 75,00 EUR


So take advantage of our bonuspoints and save on every purchase!